De David, EE.UU., Abr 2010
"Excellent trip! We look forward to visiting again! THANK YOU! Thirdpole (Ram) did a great job of managing AMS during my trek."

De Pauline, Francia, Abr 2010
"Bonne prise en charge, nos demandes ont été respectées. Le personnel est serviable et souriant. Les repas de bienvenue et d'au revoir ont été très appréciés. L'ambiance est familiale et très agrébale!"

De Sarah, Australia, Abr 2009
"I had a lots of fun and would definitely return to trek with Thirdpole"

De Irene, Singapur, Abr 2009
"I have experienced many guides in India, Bhutan, China, Africa, etc... Basu is the best guide compared with the others."

De Annette, India, Oct 2008
"We really learned a lot, worked sometimes hard on us, but had also time to relax and laugh. Everybody in Thirdpole seemed to be willing to make our trip a wonderful experience."

De Tan, Singapur, Dic 2007
"Porters are responsible, helpful and do their best for the trekkers. Thank you so much."

De Andreas, EE.UU., Oct 2006
"I hope that the problems of the past will be behind Nepal and that more and more tourists will be able to come in Nepal and enjoy this beautiful country and its people. Namaste!"

De Lesley, Nueva Zelanda, Sep 2006
"I have no hesitation in recommending the company to others. I appreciated Raj's prompt emails every time to all queries."

De Kathleen, Australia, Oct 2005
"This trip has been a once in a life time experience and I recommend it to anyone."

De Idit, Israel, Feb 2005

De Peter, EE.UU., Abr 2004
"I had such a positive experience with Jayan and Deepak that I plan to return here in an educational capacity"

De Henning, Alemania, Mar 2004
"Both porters were very nice. We saw that they were treated much better than other porters and found that very good. This if for me a good reason to recommend you to other tourists. Go on like this!"

De Khor, Singapur, Dic 2003
"Very nice people that I had never met in other country. "

De Danielle, Bélgica, Oct 2003
"The people of Thirdpole take care of you. They will not let you get in danger, which is very important in the mountains. They are concerned about your wellbeing."

De Neil, Escocia, Dic 2001
"First class!"

De Krista, Bélgica, Nov 2001
"As Mr Deepak Mahat said: "we will not give you the chance to be unhappy." Indeed, we did not have this chance."

De Serge, Francia, Nov 1999
"Jagat is a very kind and enjoyable guide. He has a very good attention for us and for our birthday and cooks a cake! Thank you very much! He speaks well English and tries to speak French!"

De Peter, Bélgica, Mar 1999
"We received a greater service than we could have expected. Your organisation was more than excellent and far beyond the quality we use to have in European travel agencies."

De Peter, Canadá, Nov 1998
"As a business person with little time for research, your company made my trek organizing very easy from the rafting to the trekking. Thank you very much!"

De Yip, Hong Kong, Oct 1996
"I think Nepal is a lovely place to visit. The trekking is well organized and the guide and porters performed an excellent job as well. The view on the top of Poonhill is unforgettable. Nepali people are friendly, polite, helpful and hard working even their lives are very tough."

De Karl, Alemania, Ene 1996
"Keep the environment clean! Protect the evolution!"

De Allison, EE.UU., Nov 1995
"I really liked how friendly the guide, cook, kitchen helpers and spare were. I enjoyed this company. The food was absolutely delicious!"

De Daryl, Nueva Zelanda, Ago 1995
"I have had a really awesome time. My guide and dear friend Karna has made my experience of all aspects of Nepal enlightening and enjoyable. His service and friendship are exceptional. This has been a genuine highlight in my light so far."

De Jean Louis, Francia, May 1994
"We have been very enjoy to see that the guide understood very well our aim and was able to change initial way to have a better trek."

De Jospeh, Irelanda, Abr 1994
"The guide was very professional and made our holiday much more enjoyable than we could have achieved on our own."

De Joan, EE.UU., Sep 1993
"Our guide was excellent and proud of his country and culture. He spent a lot of time and energy explaining the culture and teaching me Nepali."

De Lam, Hong-Kong, Mar 1993
"The staffs in the company are helpful and reliable. I worried nothing because the staff arranged everything very well. The guide took care of me and my friend very much especially when she felt sick."